Pat Horigan
Pat Horigan

Pat is a member of the Coast Guard and spends his weekends out on the water. He enjoys camping and travelling around Northern Australia. This sometimes means he has to leave his German Shepherd at home, so he’s never away for too long.

Pat’s most awkward training experience was one of those times when everything could go wrong, did go wrong – it involved traffic, spilled coffee, fire drills, and evacuating a class down 16 flights of stairs. Thankfully, that was a one-off and Pat’s classes are widely-regarded as some of our most enjoyable.

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“Excellent trainers with high level expertise, varied content to keep us engaged and quality resources leave me with confidence that I could implement what I’ve learned.”

“The presenters really helped to link the course material to real life situations. They were very professional and helped make the course very enjoyable.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, facilitated to an excellent standard – Well adapted to the diversity of skill within the group.”

Fantastic course professionally run by a ‘real’ auditor working in the field which allowed for a fantastic bridge between theory and practical examples.

“Very informative and enjoyable course. Excellent materials and tools in the course and to take home. Excellent value for money. The trainer did a great job of keeping us engaged and learning. I will do future training through PwC.”

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